Newspaper report by the Liveperformance „ Sound Magic In Catacombs"

Gratingly the brash wood door rises - cold musty air comes out.

The eyes need some time in order to accustom itself onto the darkness.
Every step, every crunching under the shoes echoes from the stone walls and the convex ceiling.
From the middle of the broad,gently bent corridor, dampened light expands - tea lights and candles flicker in the draft that slips through the wall-chinks from outside.
Devoutly everyone searches for a place on the both ways set up wood banks, some with a ceiling under the arm, to itself.
Suddenly a dark, deep tone rings as from wide distance.
It bulges, stops, is been reflected from the vault and sets in again this time a sound stage more highly.
The tones from the bamboo flute approach and become more intense.
Onto that drum strokes are to be heard softly.
Also they become stronger and louder, and finally unite themselves with the flute sounds.

The rhythm bulges, increases itself until it fills the whole room and seems to vibrate even in the darkest corner of the vault.



Other spheres


What the more than 150 listeners had on Saturday evening in the catacombs of the Kronacher fortress "Rosenberg" was unique:

They were put into other spheres two hours long by jurasic sound visions of S.Duenkel . He creates with extraordinary music instruments and sound bodies thrilling and surprising sound worlds, that opens the often desensitized hearing for new sounds - not less the Inner Eye for pictures and visions.

The crossings between the individual pieces - or sound experiments - are liquid, in spite of that enough room remains for silence which sharpens the consciousness for the variety of noises , melodies and tone qualities.

Tenderly and brittlely the sound ring that S. Dünkel conceit elicited to the thermionic valve bells; uneven and impetuous on the other hand that of the sheet steel that he brings to the to murmur to be angry and to thunder .

In the fantasy arises the scenario of a ship fall:

Tireless and desperate the ship bell hits - the waves lashed from the tempest clap relentlessly onto the planks.

Other pictures emerge, as the performance artist creates tree harp and bough horn sounds.

Those ones are two of his selfdeveloped sound bodies which he uses next to traditional instruments as bamboo flute, Didgeridoo and Djembé.

Latter ones are played into Japan, Australia and Africa already since long time ago.